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Writing for Newsweek, Ms Goodman describes Mr Nakamoto year as ’ extremely intelligent , moody and obsessively private ’ individual who trained as a computer engineer and has undertaken classified defense work for the U.S. government .
Ms Goodman got in touch with Mr Nakamoto year by feigning interest in His model trains but When She switched the conversation to cryptocurrency He said: ’ I am no longer Involved in That and I can not discuss it . It’s been Turned over to other people . They are in charge of it now . I no longer have any connection. ’ buy shares online. While the Investigation Does not conclusively prove That Mr Nakamoto ( who calls himself ’ Dorian ’ in real life ) is Bitcoin ’s original or sole inventor , it does Provide Enough correlating evidence to suggest That the community has finally found cryptocurrency ITS patron saint - an unassuming father of six , who is more interested in talking about trains than revolution Financial . purchase shares

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