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Kingdom Project: ZEJ Skills
Now it's time for you to make you're character's MAD SKILLS. This is what will make your character truly unique.

I thought long and hard about how I wanted these in and what I wanted to tell you etc etc

So I'm just going to dump a bunch of examples, but first, here is the fillout.
Name of skill: Description, or flavor text if name speaks for self.
-Stats(A basic attack is 100%STG 0%PWR)
-Things this skill does
For our examples, we'll look at we'll look at some of the skills of everyone's favorite super hero, Captain generic!

Power Slash: Slashes with slightly more power than normal.
-120% STG 0%PWR

[i]This is a basic damageing skill. This basicly reads that The skills is a basic attack that does 20% extra damage you can Have a skill that runs entirely on power or a skill that has both, but keep in mind each can only reach 200%.[/i]

Heal: Heals people
-0%STG 100%PWR

[i]That would be a healing skill. Please do you best to think of a few supporting skills, no matter what character you are.[/i]

-0%STG 200%PWR
-60% Chance of lazer burn(DoT for 5 turns)

[i]Some other things of note, when you make up a status effect, the chance of it happening is set to the effect itself and your only options are 80/60/40/20%. So all skills captain generic makes thatinflict lazer burn MUST have a chance of 50% or 100%. Note that DoT may only deal 10% a turn, no more no less.[/i]


I THINK this covers what I want to say, please post any skills you make in this thread ONLY after PMing them to me.

No need to think them up all at once, and don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Each character is to have ten skills. No more no less.

Now if you want to do something REALLY trippy, like have different froms with their own skills and such I'd like you to talk to me about it beforehand. Now uh. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO and use your...


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