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Segregation -Revamped- [SU/OoC]
[align=right][i]Eebit Presents...[/i][/align]

[Image:] [Image:]

[font=Lucida Console][u][b]The Basic Description[/b][/u][/font]

[align=justify]Terra Alternata, the location of this story, is shaped very much like our own Earth, and carries similar climates to our present-day. The key difference, however, is the fact that the surface of the world is completely covered in water. The land has been completely below the surface of the water for thousands of years, causing the population to have taken to the skies. The population of the world quite literally lives on the elaborate, floating buildings created by years of hard work and collaboration from all of humanity. In this advanced world of technology, it is, of course, only right for the Medium to capitalize and thusly be the reigning empire… However, as you shall soon see, this has led to many problems in what could otherwise be a utopia…[/align]

[font=Lucida Console][u][b]Technology[/b][/u][/font]

[align=justify]As stated above, the technology of [i]Segregation[/i] is quite advanced. Gunmanship is common, as are beam-sabers or -daggers (think Star Wars or Phantasy Star [specifically Online]). Thanks to technological developments, the world literally floats in the skies, with the help of jets propelling the floating utopia into the sky, which are powered by wind turbines, in tandem with the condensation of the rising water vapour from the drenched surface of Terra Alternata (though the Medium is presently looking to make the world below inhabitable). Mana does not exist in Terra Alternata, so the Medium has recently developed special drugs known as Optical Enhancers - special shots which are given to every citizen upon birth from their parents (at its inception, adults were administered the shot by each other). The following section (‘Opticks’) will detail the usage of the Optical Enhancer.[/align]

[font=Lucida Console][u][b]Opticks[/b][/u][/font]

[align=justify]As stated above in passing, the Medium has administered a drug known as an Optical Enhancer (OE) to all living citizens. This allows for a suitable replacement to Mana; the usage of which has long dried up in the world. Optical Points (OP) replace the traditional MP in [i]Segregation[/i], however Optical Points are unable to be increased upon level up, and instead require more dosages of the OE drug, which can be store-bought. Opticks can be summarized as innate powers which correspond with the personality of the user. The drug reacts alongside feelings, which creates the different parts of the elemental spectrum (i.e. A typically hot-headed person is able to wield Fire Opticks). [/align]

[Image:] [Image:]

[align=justify]In the year of 1368 on a world both opposite and yet very much alike to our own - known to some as Terra Alternata - the Medium is the governing force. This world is what some would consider a Utopia, while those who know far better would consider it the exact opposite. Many go about their daily lives as puppets of industry; the Medium has fed the general population a mass of garbage for as long as anyone can remember, and have recently (as in, three decades prior) executed a ploy that allows them to theoretically “own” those whose faces appear in the Medium, selling these people off to just about anywhere to do anything imaginable, most of it not exactly ‘morally right’. This has created much controversy to the well-informed; those of ‘official’ government agencies, and a highly secretive organization known only as D.Y.S.T.O. The coalition of the two agencies has allowed those members to erase themselves from databases everywhere. The primary goal of the coalition of the two is to reclaim the world they know it as from the empire of the Medium, and rescuing those poor souls still persuaded by the illusions of grandeur brought on by ‘interviews’ (or rather, selling their souls to the Medium) and the fifteen minutes of fame it brings…

The Medium, however, is distracted by their attempt to allow the world to live upon the surface of Terra Alternata. This gives D.Y.S.T.O. the element of surprise, as the Medium will not be expecting any sort of uprise.[/align]

[Image:] [Image:]

[align=justify][b]Terra Alternata [/b]- The world itself. It is a purely submerged planet, where all people now live in the sky on a floating ‘paradise.’ Not much else can be said, other than developments are being made to explore what is beneath the surface of the planet.

[b]D.Y.S.T.O.[/b] [i](or just DYSTO)[/i] - A coalition of both the (former) major government agencies and important business or religious leaders, and a small circle of those working immediately underneath. The primary goal is to usurp power from the Medium once more, to alleviate slavery and the exploitative human trade the Medium performs.

[b]The Medium[/b] - A collective force that was once what the world relied on to learn about the goings-on, until they became corrupt and began to spew forth garbage to force the general population into living in a state of constant fear. The empire of the Medium is now partaking in a ‘human trade’ of sorts, now that it has gained the power to own any person appearing in a movie, an interview - anything. They are currently presently unaware of D.Y.S.T.O.’s operations.

[b]Desmond Marwick[/b] - Head of D.Y.S.T.O. At age 52, he dresses in a formal business attire at most times, except when an operation is at hand. He is ruthless and callous, having had most of those he holds dear snatched by the Medium. Reclusive, yet undeniably ingenious, Desmond was not selected as the D.Y.S.T.O. head for no reason. He speaks with a British accent and has a large scar from a whip along his back.

[b]Jonathon M. Anderson[/b] - ‘Leader’ and figurehead of the Medium Empire. Jonathon is large in both weight and height. His personality is very flexible, ranging anywhere from sweet and deceptive to blunt and harsh. His cunning parallels that of Desmond Marwick, his currently unseen rival. He is as slippery as a snake, and more than willing to step on anyone he needs to in order to keep in power. Speaks with a Southern States accent.[/align]

[Image:] [Image:]

[align=center][i]Well, sir/ma’am, I am glad you asked. You are a member of D.Y.S.T.O.; the organization bent upon restoring the world to its former peace and freedom. As an agent of D.Y.S.T.O., you basically don’t exist on record. Essentially, you could be considered a ghost in the system established by the Medium. An unsung hero, if you will. You will progress along, making your way around the Medium and taking care to dodge those in power. D.Y.S.T.O. is scattered at the present, so you will want to rendezvous with your fellow agents as soon as is possible for all of you. Remember, you do not want to be seen or draw attention to yourself, so play it smart when selecting weaponry and attire…

For our personal archives, we would ask you to fill out the following, seeing as we have no information on any of you…[/i]

As a side note, each user is allowed a maximum of [b]one (1)[/b] character This has been changed in order to accommodate the new Statplay format, making it easier on your friendly neighbourhood GM.

[b]Notice:[/b] I have changed the system of Sign Up forms, so if you submitted a character before, you will need to recreate it in the new style. It’s a hassle, yes, but one that will hopefully be worth it in the end. Character slots are limited to [u]5[/u], but if interest is there, I may increase it. Those who submitted one or two characters before have first dibs!
To Fallen, and Nate: Unfortunately, I had to downsize the amount of characters, so one of yours each will need to be cut. If there is little interest, I’ll consider allowing you to regain control of the other.[/align]

Sign Up Sheet

[Image:] [Image:]

Quote:[Image:] [Image:]
[font=Lucida Console][list=1]
[*] Lawrence Caustier [size=x-small]--[/size] Masquerade [size=xx-small](link)[/size]
[Image:] [Image:]

[font=Lucida Console][b]Battle Items:[/b][/font]
Medicine: [i]Restores 20 HP to a character within a 1 Cell range to the user.[/i] - (x2)
Optical Medicine: [i]Restores 10 OP to a character within a 1 Cell range to the user.[/i] - (x1)

[font=Lucida Console][b]Equipment:[/b][/font]
[i]Presently Nothing[/i]

[font=Lucida Console][b]Key Items:[/b][/font]
[i]Presently Nothing[/i]

[font=Lucida Console][b]Gold:[/b][/font] 0

[Image:] [Image:]

[font=Lucida Console][size=x-large]Chapter 0-0: Combat Training[/size]
[b]Location:[/b] D.Y.S.T.O. Headquarters
[b]Objective:[/b] As operatives of D.Y.S.T.O., you must prove yourself to your superiors. Group up, and prepare for training with your peers![/font]


[font=Lucida Console][color=#FF0000][u][b]Enemy Profiles[/b][/u][/color][/font]

Coming Soon…


[font=Lucida Console][color=#6B8E23][u][b]Neutral Profiles[/b][/u][/color][/font]


[Image:] [Image:]

[font=Lucida Console][size=medium]Chapter 0: Tutorial[/size][/font]
[list][b]0: Combat Training[/b][/list]

[Image:] [Image:]

[i]Presently Nothing[/i]

[Image:] [Image:]

[font=Lucida Console]
[align=center][font=Lucida Console]-Post reserved in case I have a need of another post for stuff-[/font][/align]
Good news, I really like this roleplay, it looks cool, and I'll join if I can think of a character. Bad news, I'm having a creative drought, the same one that caused me to enter only one character in the Ultimate Tournament 3, the same one that is causing me to have only two characters in Statistical Colosseum, and the same one that is causing me to have difficulty joining new roleplays. Why won't this end? Tongue I hope I can come up with a good character idea, because I really want to join this, and some other roleplays as well, but I don't want to spit out a random crappy character who we'll all get sick of in a week. I'll let you know if I get any ideas, hopefully before the roleplay starts.
Yea, Eebit I''l join again, but I'm going to create a new character since Blaine is overused just like my main. I'll try to get my Su done by today.
I suppose that I don't even have to say that I'm back in.
[color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] Lawrence Caustier
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Level:[/b] 1
[b]Next Level:[/b] 0/10

[b]Reason For Joining D.Y.S.T.O.:[/b] Son of a rather important businessman and a powerful female artist, he was raised in a rather rich, cultured environment. After a rough divorce between his parents, he lived with his mom and practiced sculpting, but ditched that to build things. The advanced technology provided him the means to create many things, such as miniature, limited function robots all on his own. He studied this in college and continued to hone his skills for a year or two after graduation. In that time, his father had fallen to the Medium, up and vanished. Worried that his mother might meet the same fate, he offered his services to D.Y.S.T.O. in hopes to put everyone's fears at rest, including his own.

[b]Profession:[/b] Engineer - [i]Genius meets imagination as the one who claims this profession utilizes technology and spare parts to create. What it is he only bad for those who oppose him.[/i] (Recycle)

*Recycle: Capable of tearing apart constructions. This consumes an Act action on any given turn.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Handy Wrench - [i]Not the most high tech tool there is, but it gets the job done.[/i]
[b]Armor:[/b] Light Plate - [i]Hastily fashioned armor worn under the clothes. Just a light scrap piece of metal, really.[/i]
[b]Accessory:[/b] Bag of Parts - [i]Burlap sack of various pieces of metal and circuitry.[/i] (HP+5)

[b]A-Ability:[/b] Construct:

[b]+Enchance - Power Gauntlets:[/b] With metal and circuits, and a bit of a spark of electricity, a dangerous weapon is created. Weapon changed to Power Gauntlets. Stat bonus = Current weapon ATK stat bonus + 1. Damage output +10%. 2 hit basic attack. Range: Self. Can't be used in conjunction with another "Enhance" Construct. 8 OP.

[b]+Assault - Blade Disc:[/b] Transforms a jagged piece of metal into a razor sharp disc of which the user hurls at a distant opponent. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. 8 OP.

[b]R-Ability[/b]: None.
[b]S-Ability:[/b] Maximum Capacity - Innately boosts Max HP by 10%.
[b]X-Ability:[/b] Iron Coffin (Neutral) - [i]The epitome of construction. Bashes vital points of an enemy to immobilize it before starting to build a gorgeous coffin around the enemy, the ultimate testament to the dead, for the enemy within is doomed to suffocate before the structure collapses. Deals 200% Piercing Atk damage to a target in an adjacent cell.[/i]

[b]~ Stats ~[/b]

[b]HP:[/b] 25 (+5 from Bag of Parts)(+3 from Maximum Capacity)
[b]OP:[/b] 15
[b]ATK:[/b] 4 (+1 from Handy Wrench)
[b]DEF:[/b] 3 (+1 from Light Plate)
[b]INT:[/b] 2 (+0 from Handy Wrench)
[b]SPR:[/b] 2 (+0 from Light Plate)
[b]Evasion:[/b] 3%
[b]Movement:[/b] 2 cells (+1 from Engineer profession)

[b]Skill Points:[/b] 0[/color]
-expresses interest and says "I'll post my submission soon! My schedule is busy, so I don't want to damper you... but there isn't many people around here submitting yet, so I might anyway! Regardless, [i]excellent[/i] story you have going on here!"-

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