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Official ZEJ Chat!

Well hey there all you ZEJ faithfuls! We greatly appreciate your support in keeping this alive and kicking. However, I've noticed that we have begun to drift apart a little bit, and so we, the administration, decided to attempt to bring us all back together by creating this here Chat.

It eliminates the need for gathering a bunch of MSN addresses, or registering a new client if you don't have one. Chatzy is a pretty basic software, and while I'd like to look into an IRC channel eventually, this works for now. Plus, our affiliate the Cult of Ustream runs a chat on this, so a bunch of our members are already familiar with this~

The password for basic users to enter the chat is 'zej'. Feel free to poke around, and hopefully we'll all be able to interact via this little diddy~
k so.

Please see my IRC Guide for details on how to connect to IRC.

Our IRC channel is located on #ZEJ for those of you who know how to use IRC already.

In case you haven't noticed (though I doubt anyone would have, seeing as how I just added the link now) ZEJ has a new affiliate chat. The direct link is at the bottom of the Affiliates section, and clicking the link will take you directly to #CoE via the Mibbit link.

In case you don't feel like using Mibbit, you can connect to the chat using Nate's IRC Guide, but replacing the channel with #CoE. We still use Badnik as a host, so no change there!

Hope to see all you ZEJers there and chatting~
such chatzy.

I much prefer IRC myself, but eh.

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