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Demonstration Round: Carly Mossburg (Flamezone) vs Ray Pemberton (Eebit)
((This is a practice battle that will take place between Flamezone and I, just as an example to show how battles will play out. The character sheets used can be found here. I've assumed control of Zantok's character.))

((The battle format here, as you may notice, is sort of different from that of the Ultimate Tournament; instead of one person posting every topic, the person who is listed second in the bracket will post the topic. Other than that, the format will remain largely the same, with players exchanging attacks, beginning with the player who is listed second after each combatant has made their introduction topic. This will be laid out better once an official bracket has been posted, but these are just FYI notes.))

[b]Ray Pemberton (Eebit)[/b]
Luxray (Redux)

[b]Carly Mossburg (Flamezone)[/b]


The day was a glorious one; one of those that do not come around all that often. It was an opportune day for a Pokémon battle to occur; and what better a way to kick off the Pokémon Pro Circuit - an invitational tournament that would bring together Trainers from every Region to step forth and battle for the ultimate title. This demonstration battle was to be broadcast worldwide to clear the doubts of those Trainers who had not yet completed their registration forms.

The arena was set up, and with the golden sun gazing peacefully onto Cinnabar Island's newly constructed facility - which would house the competition - the people of Cinnabar and tourists new to the area alike heaped into the arena. The roar of the crowd almost drowned out the thoughts of Ray Pemberton, an ex-cop who had turned to Pokémon battling after his leg was injured. He thought to himself, [i]It is such an honour to be selected as the example for the Pro Circuit. Never would've guessed that I'd make it this far as a Trainer...[/i]

Suddenly, a member of the tournament staff came into the little room that was just out of view of the arena. "Mr. Pemberton, are you ready to begin your battle?" The man asked, almost with a touch of anxiety himself. Ray was, in fact ready, and he nodded his head to acknowledge this fact. The employee motioned for Ray to follow him, leading him out onto the flat surface that was to be the setting of his battle. An announcer commented loudly over the intercom system, "And now... Hailing from Lavaridge Town of the Hoenn Region, we have a solid contender building his team around his days on the police force, RAY PEMBERTON!"

The crowd erupted into cheers as Ray ran out onto the field, his limp quite prominent. He basked in the praising cheers of the crowd, and went over his strategies mentally one last time before his opponent came out of the door opposite him...
Carly entered through the door, blowing kisses and winking at the people in the crowd. They all roared in excitement. [i]I've been picked to demonstrate! How awesome![/i] she thought to herself. She took her place in the field, still waving at the crowd. A man asked her if she was ready. She nodded, very excited.

The announcer then said into his microphone, while gesturing towards Carly, "-and his opponent, Hailing from Cerulean City, the young, and talented, Carly Mossburg!" The crowd erupted into louder cheers, The battle has just begun. The referee had came out to the field and said to Carly and her opponent. "This will be a 3 on 3 battle. Ray is to go first. Battle fairly." The ref then stood up straighter, and yelled, "Let the battle...begin!"
[i]"Let the battle...begin!"[/i]

The referee had hollered out that single line, and Ray was immediately reminiscing on his days as a policeman, despite them being long gone. He decided that his strategies were as prepared as they would ever be, and extended a hand towards his opponent, who in turn shook the hand. He then strolled away, limping towards the door he had just entered the arena from. He turned when he was about halfway there, and brought out his first Pokéball.

"Let's take this one for a spin... Go, Redux!" The retired cop announced to the arena in his deep, raspy voice. He tossed his Pokéball towards the middle of the battlefield, and it opened, revealing its contents; the contained Luxray pounced out of the ball. He, alongside his trainer, stared down their opponent, awaiting her next move...
She had shook the man's hand, then got ready for battle. "A electric type huh? I know just what to use!" She then reached for her Pokeball and yelled, "Go! Sunflora!" She then tossed down the pokeball, out came her Sunflora. "I'll let you go first!" She called towards Ray.
[i]"I'll let you go first!"[/i]

The retired cop smirked at the girl named Carly's innocence. She seemed to be blissfully unaware of the fact that his Pokémon shared the same fighting spirit as he did. He was prepared to win this fight, despite the fact that it was a mere practice fight. He was ready to bring himself glory as a trainer, and hopefully score himself a ticket as an official contestant into the second season of the Pro Circuit...

Redux, his Luxray, was positioned so that it could leap after the opposing Sunflora with much ease. The two Pokémon present were staring each other down; the tension between the opponents was as much as one could truly observe between two Pokémon. There was no type advantage in this situation, so Redux would have to work sheerly on his own talent to win the battle.

Ray broke the silence, bellowing out an order to Redux, who was anticipating the command of his owner. "Redux, let's open this battle up! Use [b]Swagger[/b]!" The Luxray responded, with a Pokémon equivalent of a smirk. He seemed to stand a little straighter, and posed so as to irk the Sunflora. The attack seemed to work, seeing as the Sunflora began to show visible rage from the attack, but also a trace of confusion...
Luxray had hit her Sunflora with a Swagger attack. Carly wondered outloud, "Uh-oh, Sunflora's confused...what to do..." Carly then thought for a few seconds, then nodded her head, finally getting an idea. "Return, Sunflora!" She held out Sunflora's Pokeball, and returned it. Carly grabbed another ball, and threw it to the ground. "Go, Electrabuzz!"

When the Pokeball hit the ground, a yellowish light came whooshing out of the Pokeball, and standing there, was Carly's Electrabuzz. Carly pointed her finger forward, and yelled, "Alright! Electrabuzz, use [b]Thunderpunch![/b]" Electrabuzz dashed towards Luxray, it's fists bared. Electricity was surrounding it's fist. Once Electrabuzz was in good range, it took a swing at the Luxray.
Ray knew that Redux would be able to withstand the Thunderpunch, being an electric type itself. The attack hit Redux, but the Luxray recovered from the blow with moderate ease. The attack had not been all too effective, despite Electabuzz gaining a small boost in attack power from being the same type as the move.

Ray pondered his options for a moment, and then reformed his strategy based on his opponent switching out. The ex-cop figured that he ought to try and use the same tactic as before, as any outcome could work well. "Redux, let's go for another [b]Swagger[/b] attack!" Redux responded by boosting itself up and walking with an air of superiority. The Electabuzz seemed as enraged as its predecessor, and Ray smiled a sadistic smile while his opponent considered her next move...
Carly groaned, and yelled angrily to her opponent, "Stop using that move! It's annoying!" Carly recalled her Electrabuzz, then threw down her Sunflora's Pokeball again. Sunflora appeared again, except no longer confused. Carly pointed at the Luxray and ylled, "Alright Sunflora! [b]Leaf Storm[/b]!" Sunflora pointed it's arms at Luxray, and a ton of tiny leaves flew out of them. They were all aiming for the Luxray.
Carly was visibly annoyed by the Swagger tactic that Redux was using. The girl had switched her Pokémon back to her Sunflora, apparently wanting to keep her final Pokémon a secret from him. Ray smirked at this, knowing that he had gotten under his opponent's skin. He planned another tactic in his head briefly as his opponent commanded her Sunflora to use a Leaf Storm attack.

Redux braced himself for the wave of deadly, razor sharp leaves to come after him. They hovered harmlessly midair for a moment, seemingly just like normal every day leaves... Until they began to pelt the poor Luxray. The Pokémon obtained a few scratches, but remained largely alert and prepared, awaiting its trainer's next command.

Ray saw that Redux was ready to be commanded to use its next move, and the ex-cop bellowed out the tactic he was planning on using. "Redux, let's follow up with a [b]Thunder Fang[/b] attack!" The Luxray sprang into action, pouncing on Carly's Sunflora and crunching hard with its electrically-powered jaw...
The Luxray had defended itself pretty well from the large amount of leaves that had hit it. Afterwards, Ray yelled his command, and the Luxray leaped forward, and bit Sunflora's head. The Luxray had electricity running through it's teeth. Sunflora yelled in pain, mostly from the bite itself, not the electricity. Sunflora had managed to slip away from the Luxray, and was now massaging it's head.

Carly frowned and ordered a command. "Alright Sunflora! [b]Sunny Day[/b]!" Sunflora looked up to the sky and began to sing. "Sun-Flora-Sun-Flora-Sun...Flora!" On the final word, a miniature sun formed in front of Sunflora's mouth. Sunflora then blew it way up high, into the sky, where it expanded and turned into a whole new sun. What was Ray's next move?

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